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CPA Core 1

Strategies to pass Online CPA Core 1 and Core 2 exam 2021 Canada

Strategies to pass Online CPA Core 1 and Core 2 exam 2021 Canada

It is again now for students to well prepare for Core 1 & Core 2 exam scheduled during fall 2021. I observed that many students lack confidence for passing these online exams under Covaid situation. CPA has changed exam pattern from 75 % MCQ & 25 % on one small case analysis to two case analysis. One of the reasons for failure is students remain remarkably busy with job, family and for submission of assignments. They also lack technical knowledge of various course area covered. Strong Technical knowledge is the key to success in these exams.

I have seen many students could not get success in the exam on account of time constraint. They took more time in first case and as such could not allot enough time for the second case analysis. This indicates lac of practice of writing cases effectively.

I provide following very successful strategy to pass these exams:

  • Right from today, review your technical stuff of related course area along with your assignment work. Financial Accounting and Management Accounting are the two major courses in both Core 1 and Core 2 respectively. Allot more time on it. Learn the correct format of writing case analysis. Ensure that you read, understand, and prepare the outline for case in 20 to 25 minutes. I have seen students normally are taking more time in the same and then lack confidence in writing the case effectively. Do the practices till you cannot achieve this.
  • Those who could not get success should consult experiences tutor for guidance and training. Repeated failure will increase frustration and you have only 3 attempts to get through. Those who have challenge exam, can also approach experienced tutor for guidance and training.
  • Failure in either MCQ or Case analysis is mainly due to lack of technical knowledge and lack of practice and techniques to solve the MCQ and or understanding and analysis of major issues in the case.

Students, who lack confidence in passing the course area, repeat writers, can take my lectures online. Exclusive study guide is available for both Core 1 & Core 2 for 2021 exam at a cost of $ 165 plus 5 % tax for Core1 and $155 for Core 2 (delivery free). Book contains all related technical concepts, enough selected MCQ and five cases with solution.

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